How to crack digital marketing interview as a fresher

How to crack digital marketing interview as a fresher

Do you want to learn a new strategy of cracking interviews? Do you want to learn how to crack digital marketing interview as a fresher. Do you want to know what are important things to learn to crack the digital marketing interview.

Then follow these steps.

Before you start thinking about how to crack digital marketing interviews, you should know to find digital marketing jobs?

Before few years what we were doing. Justo go through the website and their basic information and attend the interview. Now we have to change the way to crack interviews.

Once interview is scheduled, follow these steps.

Digital marketing interview

Step 1: Get all the information about the company such as website name, services they offer and more info on roles and responsibilities.

Step2: Study and analyze the website completely. Get a clear picture on information provided in the website is informative or non-informative. Whether a user is getting all the information he is looking for.

Step3:  Keywords is one of the important aspects for any company. We have to be very conscious while finalizing the keywords for website. Do a complete analysis of the keywords mentioned in the website. Check whether the keywords mentioned in the website is accurate or not. If not, make a list of keywords in PPT that is right for the business.

Step 4: Content plays important role for any website. We develop a website to give information to the users. Website content should be written in such a way that all the users visiting the website should clearly understand what we are, what we do and what we offer. Analyze the content, if the content mentioned in the website is not providing the information required then make a note of all the points in PPT.

Step 5: Generate keyword position report. Go through top search engines and get to know whether the website is ranking on top positions or not. If the website is not ranking on the first page then make a list of your suggestions to improve the rankings on search engines.

Step 6: Social Media Presence is must for any business. Without a proper social media presence, it’s very hard to survive in current scenario. First make list of social media websites the company has been listed. Have a look at the cover photo, likes, followers, how frequent posting are happening on their social media pages and what kind of posts are generating more engagement. Based on the analysis if you have any suggestions make a list of points and mention it in PPT.

Step 7: Complete SEO site audit is required. Prepare SEO Audit according to latest standards. Check this link on how to prepare the Site Audit. A Digital Marketer should be well versed in these aspects.


Step 8:  Competitor analysis is very much important for any business. Go through competitor’s website and social media pages. Make a list of points in PPT where your competitors are good at and where we are lacking behind.

After following these steps, create a good PPT by mentioning all the points in it.  Clearly mention all the points and make sure don’t point out only negative things, it should be combination of both while presenting.

Based on the report prepare a digital marketing plan or a suggestion list which you feel it is important for their business.

Start your interview with self-introduction.

After explaining all these steps, the interviewer will get some sort of idea on your knowledge and capability. Now you have to make him feel that you are fit for the job role offered.

Now it’s the time to impress. Put across the Digital Marketing plan or suggestion list. Explain its importance and be sure about the outcome they get by using this plan.


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