E-Mail Marketing Tricks To Increase Your Expected Result

E mail marketing

How to Do A Successful Campaign Of E-Mail Marketing

Tips and Tricks that should consider before doing E-Mail marketing


You are about to explore all tricks about successful email marketing process. I am giving you all most important tricks which will sky-rocket your business by email marketing. First you understand that success rate of email marketing is 4000% which is much more ahead of any other mode.

Before the whole process, you should know all following tricks. These will definitely help you in achieving your goal.

  1. Right email service
  2. Make easy to subscribe
  3. Define your audience
  4. Create a free lead magnet
  5. Welcome E-Mail-
  6. Send yourself a test email
  7. Encourage subscriber to follow you on social media
  8. Make sure that they can un-subscribe
  9. Must have auto-respond system based on subscriber’s time
  10. Your email should say your brand

“E-Mail is the backbone for any company. It connects the company to customers. It is oldest and easyest way to communicate and spread information. An e-mail reflects the company and its services” – Paul Markson 

  1. Right E-Mail Service -You must use a good email service provider. It is very important for your business as it is the main source of collecting lead of your customers. There are several good service provider which you can choose- Get response, Aweber, Infusionsoft, Mailchimp. For startup, get response and aweber is really helpful. But I use mailchimp so I suggest you to use it as its user interface is really simple, it gives you correct data and you can track your email response easily.
  2. Make easy to subscribe – You always assume that your client don’t know anything or in other way I can say you always assume that your client do not want do to hard work. So make your subscription process easy and simple and make sure the process do not consume much time of your visitor.
  3. Define your audience – Do you know what type of audience you are targeting. You should segment your audience; create a niche based on your audience and also on product. For instance, audience between ages 20-25 are interested in your video blog and not at all interested in reading stuffs. So based on this report you create your niche and then target your audience.
  4. Create a free lead magnet – You should always think in perspective of a customer. In first interaction, customers do not get attracted or do not read your mail if you are trying to sale your product. First offer them free stuffs, attract them with your free products. Bring them in purchase stage then send mail regarding your actual product which they have to pay for.
  5. Welcome E-Mail – Don’t forget to send them welcome e-mail after their subscription. In this process, you already made your place in their inbox. It works as reminder, whenever they see your mail, it will remind them that they are associated with your company. Also, mention the purpose of that welcome mail, means what action did your viewer took to receive this mail. Whether its subscription mail, newsletter mail or some notification mail.
E mail marketing

6. Send yourself a test email– Always checks how’s your email is going to look like in your customer’s inbox. Send a test mail and check all parameters, it color combination, its alignment, header and footer etc.

7. Encourage subscriber to follow you on social media– Social media is the platform where you can have one to one chat with your customers. They can view your company profile, activities and photos. More number of followers always gives your visitor a trust point.

8. Make sure that they can un-subscribe– As per email policy you must allow your subscriber to unsubscribe from your channel whenever they want. This report will give you what things your subscriber did not like, and what type of subscriber are taking this action.

9. Must have auto-respond system based on subscriber’s time– For a good open rate, timing of mail in important. It is necessary to send mail when subscriber is awake or free. If mail comes at sleeping time no one is going to open it.

10. Your email should say your brand– It is a process of advertise yourself. It also helps in increasing brand awareness. Always keep in mind that your subscriber recognizes you with your brand name or brand symbol.

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